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Fully Solved SBI Clerk 3rd June 2012 GA Question Paper

SBI had again today conducted the Assistant cum Clerk Exam in two sessions ie Morning and evening.The early reviews suggested that paper was easy except the General Awareness Section.In GA Section, the paper pattern was same as we have in SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012 but there were some weird questions

In this post, we will discuss the General Awareness Questions that are asked in the SBI Clerk exam on 3rd June, 2012.Those students who are going to appear for the IBPS PO Exam 2012 must have a look at these questions as there is ever likehood that same pattern will be followed in the IBPS PO Exam 2012.

Here are General Awareness Questions asked in the SBI clerk Exam on 3rd June, 2012

1) Which country has recently singed a Non aggression pact with South Sudan ?

2) What is the currency of South Korea ?

3) Which film has won the Oscar Award 2012 for Best Picture ?

4) Which country has recently agreed to receive the amount in India Rupee for imported oil ?

5)  What does the word "S" stands for in SEBI ?

6) Which among the following term in not used in Biology ?

7) Which among these terms in used in banking sector ?

8) Sauli Ninisto is the president of which country ?

9) What is the current SLR ?

10) Major function of NABARD ?

11) Second Green Revolution for North-Eastern states for which food crop ?

12) What is the expected GDP of country in 2012 ?

13) Foreign Minister of which county visited India recently ?

14) Which among the following cups is not associated with the game of lawn tennis ?

15) which of the following terms is associated with the game of Cricket?

16) Which city in India is famous for its carpets ?

17) Which among the following is the electronic city of India ?

18) Who was recently elected as the President of a country for the third time as he had successful completed his previous two terms ?

19) Which among the following books and authors are wrongly matched ?

20) Which among the following news papers is not published in India ?

21) Who among the following is a famous International Cricketer ?

22) Which among the following awards is given by Government of India ?

23) Which among the following terms in associated with the game of Cricket ?

24) Recently Secret Ballot and Vote for constitutional reforms was done is which among the following countries ?

25) Who constitutional power has recently cancelled the 122 Licenses of 2G spectrum ?

26) Which award is given by Government of Madhya Pradesh ?

27) Which country has recently suspended its Nuclear Program for food ?

28)  World Water Day is celebrated every year on ?

29) Where to complain against irregularities and complaint of Banking Services ?

30) Which scheme is launched by Govt of India to attract Children to schools?

31) Tax which is lieved as manufacturers tax ?

32) AGNIESKA RADWANSKA is associated with which sport ?

33) MRMRS that was recently inducted in Indian Navy is a ?

34) Which award was presented to Merly Streep in Oscar Awards 2012?

35) The prestigious National Medal of Arts and Humanities was awarded by US President to ?
Update: We will very soon update this page with the answers of these questions and also with a few more questions

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If you appeared in the SBI Clerk exam on 3rd June, 2012, then you can discuss with other students the Questions and Answer asked in the General Awareness.

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