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One word substitution questions ( ssc, ibps , nda , cat exams )

One word substitution very important part of English subject . In every ssc cgl examination you will see 3 to 4 questions. Here we are sharing a some common, important and previous year asked one words substitution which are given below –

One word substitution

A Person who worships only one godMonotheist
A person or thing that has the same name as another Namesake
A person Who destroyed Property by fireArsonist
A Speech Made without Preparation Extempore
A list of passengers and luggage Waybill
A place Where Money is Coined Mint
Done With Good judgement Judicious
A person Who Collect CoinNumismatist
One Who Speak For Other Spokesman
A person Who is fluent in Two Languages Bilingual
A Strong Dislike Animosity
A place of Shelter for Ships Harbour
One Who Hate Marriage Misogamist
Incapable of Being Corrected Incorrigible
That Which Can not Read Easily illegible
One Who is bad in Spelling Cacographist
Murder Of a Brother Fratricide
A Government By OfficialsBureaucracy
A place Where Birds are KeptAviary
Walk in a slow Relexed Way Saunter
To Give up the Throne or other office of Dignity Abdicate
A Hater Of WomenMisogynist
One Who Take Care Of Building Warden
Partner In CrimeAccomplice
A Book Written By An Unknown Anonymous
A Highly Skilled Musician Virtuoso
A Record Of Historical Events Archives
Put Side By SideJuxtapose
A General Paradon of Offenders Amnesty
Found All over the World Universal
A Reckless Impetuous Irresponsible Person Swashbuckler
A Building in Which Cow are Kept Byre
Animal that feeds on Plant Herbivorous
Someone Who Makes Candies and other Sweets Confectioner
Place Of Burial Cemetery
A person Who Gambles or BetsPunter
A Small Village or a group of houses Colony
An Animal Story With a MoralFable
Study of Evolution Of Mankind Anthropology
Mania For Travel Dromomania
Members Of a band Of Robbers Brigand
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One Words substitution for Competitive exams

An Insect With Many LegsCentipede
That Can be CuredCurable
Any Type Of Drink Except WaterBeverage
A person Who Practises Celibacy Celibate
A Person Who can not hear Deaf
An Animal With Two Feet Biped
Words Written On a Tombstone Epitaph
One Who Goes to Settle In a Foreign country Emigrant
A person Who Loves or Collects Books Bibliophile
A Disease Spread by Contact Contagious
One Who Lacks Knowledge Ignorant
One Who Worships IdolsIdolator
Shelter For Pet Dogs Kennel
Person With no Belief in a religion Infidel
A Child Whose parents are deadOrphan
One That Present Everywhere Omnipresent
A Child Born After the Death Of its Father Posthumous
A Student Who Run Away from Class Without Permission Truant
One Who Flarts With LadiesPhilanderer
Very Greddy in Eating Voracious
Crime Of Killing One’s Wife Uxoricide
One Who is Habitually Silent Taciturn
A Branch Of Medical Science that deal with BonesOstoelogy
Murderer Of One’s Father Patricide
An Elderly Unmarried woman Spinster
One Who Gets Angry at OnesIrritable
Perfect In The Practice Of an artConsummate
A person Who Thinks Unselfishly for others Altruist
A Plant that Grows in WaterAquatic
A False notion or Idea about anything Delusion
Intence Desire to be open Spaces Angromania
A Large Group Of Star Galaxy
Something No Longer in UseObsolete
Give And Recieve Mutually Reciprocate
A Four Footed AnimalQuadruped
One Who Is GreedyVoracious
Deep In Thought Pensive
Wild and Noisy DisorderPandemonium
A Group Of GirlsBevy
One Who Walk in SleepSomnambulist
A Method Which Never Fails Infallible
A person Who Never Takes Alcoholic drinks Teetotaller
Inability to SleepInsomnia
An Occasion Of Great Importance Momentous
One Who Breaks The LawTransgressor
To Run Away With LoverElope
A Post With Little Work But High Salary Sinecure
In a threatening Manner Ghastly
Someone Having Many Skills Versatile
A Collection Of Bee Hive
A Group Of Elephants Herd
A Group Of Monkeys Troop
A Group Of RatsMischief
A Group Of Jellyfish Bloom
A Group Of Bears Sloth
A Group Of Crows Murder
A Group Of Foxes Skulk
A Group Of Leopards Leap
The Scientific Study of Elections Pshepolgy
A Shady Fertile place in a Desert Oasis
One Who Never Gives Up Sedulous
A Person Who has Changed His Faith Apostasy
A Person Who Enters Without Any Invitation Intruder
The Study Of Grammar Syntax
The Study Of Light Optics